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Building Code

Complying horizontal sliding fire doors may be used in place of side-hinged swing doors in a Means of Egress (in other than Group H occupancies).  The Won-Door FireGuard fire door meets all performance criteria for horizontal sliding fire doors when used in a Means of Egress as set forth in the IBC, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and NFPA 80, Chapter 9.

2012 IBC:  1008.1.4.3  Horizontal sliding fire doors

2012 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code: Horizontal-Sliding Door Assemblies

2013 NFPA 80:  Chapter 9, Special-Purpose Horizontally Sliding Accordion or Folding Doors

Click here to review ICC-ES Evaluation Report: ESR-1394

Area separation
Area Allowance Section 503; Table 503
Occupancy separation
Mixed occupancy – accessory use Section 508.2.4;
Mixed occupancy -sep. vs. non-sep. Section 508.3; Table 508.3
Vertical Opening Separation
Non-egress communicating stairs Section 712.1.8
Shaft enclosure – escalator Section 712.1.3
Atrium Section 404
Vertical exit enclosure Section 1022
Corridor Separation
Retail Section 1014
Healthcare (Group I-2) Section 407.2 & 407.3
Exit Access Separation
Horizontal exit Section 1025
Exit passageway Section 1023
Pedestrian walkway & tunnel Section 3104
Elevator Separation
Elevator lobby Section 713.14.1
Elevator smoke & draft Section 713.14.1, exception 3
Smoke Compartmentation
Group I-2 Section 407.5
Design Guide

The Fundamentals of Fire Code and Egress Requirements During Schematic Design Guide brings together many of the most useful charts and requirements of the IBC including Occupancy Types, Area Allowances, Travel Distances and Construction Types.